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Friday, September 16, 2011

♥Sinful Colors Review and Swatches♥

I really am obsessed with Sinful colors. They have so many colors to choose from and they are really inexpensive. I purchased quite a few from Walgreens recently and I thought I'd share the ones I liked the most. Overall the qualities of both polishes are pretty good. I noticed that the colors do start to chip quite fast, especially if you don’t use a top coat. I think it also depends on what you do with your hands. I know for me I wash dishes daily and that’s probably why I change my polish a lot.

Siful Colors: Hazard
This is Hazard. I Love this color. It’s almost like a peachy orange color. I love it. I think it’s a great spring, summer, and early fall color. 

Sinful Colors: Paradise
This is Paradise. This color is very bright and vibrant. I love how shiny the blue looks. It’s almost like a ocean blue.  


  1. Omg I just purchased my Sinful Colors last month & barely tried "Hazard" on my toes & love it...I need to post about that soon. Your post JUST reminded me :)


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